Reasonable Exceptions

Tonight, the New Mexico House of Representatives passed HB 390, the Late-term Abortion Ban and HB 391, the Parental Notification Act. I wish I could have been there with my sign that says Conceived in Incest/Rape! I knew that the odds of these bills passing without exceptions were high! Despite efforts to get an amendment for the removal of the rape exception, the Republican House moved forward with the bills, as is. I am fighting an uphill battle.

As I sat listening to the debate, Representative Montoya (Yes the one that bullied me to keep quiet) stood up to support HB 390. In his comments, he mentioned the exceptions. His words to describe the exception of rape, incest and sexual abuse were “REASONABLE EXCEPTIONS.” I must tell you that my reaction to his words was one of anger! How dare he call my life and the lives of those like me, conceived in rape, incest and sexual abuse, reasonable exceptions! Yet another representative called the child conceived in rape, incest or sexual abuse “caveats. What is the definition of caveat? It is: an explanation or warning that should be remembered when you are doing or thinking about something.

Unfortunately, these men are not alone in their thinking. As I have taken a stand against the rape/incest exception, I have become more aware of how many people believe that it is okay to have this exception! Even today, I was told that as long as something is on the books, then we can revisit the exception. I explained yet again, that not only is it a human rights issue to those conceived in rape, incest, or sexual abuse, it is a large loophole that will be utilized! How vast the thought that those of us conceived in rape, incest or sexual abuse, can be “terminated” with simple words. 

Yesterday, I celebrated my 37th birthday. Each year that I celebrate my birth, I am reminded of how I came to be in my mamma’s womb. I have moments where I cry and grieve my conception. I think of all the times that I have been told that my mom should have aborted me. Even people close to me have said things along the lines of, “How hard it must be for your mom to look at you and not see her father! It would have been easier for her if you weren’t here.” Even writing those comments cut my heart deeply.

I am so grateful for the heart to heart conversations that I have had with my mom. She told me that when she had me, she didn’t know how to be a mom. I was like a doll to her. She didn’t know how to love me the way that a mom loves her child. BUT she did love me. She valued me. She cherished my life. She fought for me the only way that she could at the time. She didn’t allow her father (my biological father) and mother to adopt me. She kept me. SHE KEPT ME!!!!! Those are powerful words to me. She could have discarded me like the compromising pro-lifers give exception for. I am so thankful that she loves me and celebrates my birthday with me.

Compromising pro-lifers easily put my life and those like me on the altar of politics. Tonight a democratic representative describe this contradiction well. He said that it was lack of political will that  the rape, incest and sexual abuse exception was not removed. He doesn’t see this exception as reasonable. This man is a democrat. He is not compromising his believes. Yet, many of the republican legislators and pro-life leaders compromise their “pro-life beliefs” with a bloody rape, incest and sexual abuse exception! They even call it a “Reasonable Exception!” No! It is discrimination! Did you hear that? It is DISCRIMINATION!!!


2 thoughts on “Reasonable Exceptions

  1. Angela Wittman

    Praying for your efforts in New Mexico. You have a beautiful story and one that more people need to hear; your mother sounds like a courageous, loving woman. May the good Lord bless you and your loved ones.



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